Meet the Staff :)

hiedi_blog“I grew up on a farm and had a pet goat named Chester.”

   -Hiedi Sheffer, Program Director | | Work Cel. 917-836-0142



erika_blog“I have an extensive movie collection.”

   -Erika Morel, Internship Coordinator | | Work Cel.917-836-0028


ju-dee_blog“I am from Prince George’s County, Maryland.”

   -Ju Dee Bacchus, College Counselor |



kim_blog“I am a selfie QUEEN”

   -Kimberly Lindo, Social Worker |



ramone_blog“There’s a movie I saw November 17th, 2007 that I think about everyday since that date. Ask me about the movie!”

   -Ramone Davis, Lead Student Advisor |



roxanna_blog“My first language is Spanish; I’m always reading a book or listening to a podcast. Ask me!”

   -Roxanna Ruiz, Student Advisor | | txt: 347-391-5508


michelle_blog“My parents were born in Ghana and Sierra Leone (My Father knew Idris Elba’s Father!).”

   -Michelle-Alexis Campbell, Student Advisor | | txt: 914-670-7513


brian_blog“I am an avid sports fan along with a huge music and movie lover.”

   -Brian McFadden, Student Advisor |



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