We have heard, more than once, that our ESH office in Room B23 is like a “home away from home” for our YABC students. On that note… Welcome, Home!

On this website you’ll find the latest news and information about what  East Side House is up to (we have something going on all the time).  Take a look at the calendar we put together with all the info you’ll always want to know, go ahead and Meet the Staff , check out the Internship Program if you want to work and Contact Us anytime for anything!

Now, 2 last things:

  1. Right above the Calendar there’s a Sign-Up button, click on it and Sign Up! to receive the info first and from the source (Us…of course).
  2.  Share us on Social Media with your people!!

All of us in Room B23 are very excited to meet you (we’ve been waiting all summer!) so swing by to say hi, grab a snack, use our lounge area and have great conversations.


BTW, if you’re interested in showcasing your talents and/or contributing to this website, contact Ms.Roxanna 🙂