Social Services

Ms. Kimberly Lindo is our Social Worker at ESH Lehman YABC. Her role as a Social Worker is to work with the school, community, families, and students as: mediator, consultant, advocate, and counselor.

For you, as a YABC student, this means that she’s here to:

  • Provide you with a safe, confidential space to be heard;
  • Work with you to improve situations and solve problems (through counseling, advocating with you, and/or mediating between you and others);
  • Support your ability to be physically and emotionally healthy;
  • Support you in learning and succeeding here and beyond.

Is there a problem here at school or at home that’s bothering/upsetting you, getting in the way of your school work, bugging or worrying you in any way? Maybe you’re unhappy, angry, or distracted and you don’t even know why…

Depending on the situation, individual counseling might involve:

  • Just listening to you (sometimes we just need to be heard!);
  • Helping you identify what’s bothering you and/or creating strategies to solve the problem(s) or develop healthy ways to cope;
  • Helping you work with the groups or people involved to try to improve/handle the situation.

You may always feel free to contact Ms. Kim in school or at