Post Secondary

Post Secondary

Ms. Ju Dee Bacchus is your College Counselor at ESH Lehman YABC. Some of the support services you may receive from her include (but are not limited to):

  • College Advisement • Career Exploration • College Application
  • Financial Aid Application • Scholarships Exploration

One of our goals is to equip 100% of our students with a Post-Secondary goal, whether it be going to college, trade school, an occupational training program, the military, employment search or Career Readiness. In order to expose our students to an ample range of options, we are excited to host events such as:

  • College Fairs
  • Trade School Fairs
  • Campus Tours -Colleges, Trade Schools
  • Day and Overnight College Trips
  • Financial Aid Workshops
  • College Application Days

For any questions or concerns, contact Ms. Ju Dee at or Contact Us.